Crest Mountain Community

Crest Mountain's unique facilities play host to Asheville's most upscale - and fun - events. From weddings to continuing education seminars and everything in between, The Crest Center and Pavilion - along with their friendly, experienced staff - will make your next event an unforgettable success.

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(828) 251-1820

The Crest Center





The Crest Pavilion




Onsite Community Amenities

- Waterfall entrance
- Walking trails (2,500ft. elevation)
- Waterfall park in center of community
- Several acres of protected forest
- Nature Trails
- Landscaping throughout community
- Natural habitat
(Deer, Bobcat, and a host of Birdlife)
- Mature Timber
(Maple, Poplar, Oak, Dogwood, Cherry, Hickory, Locust)
- Beautiful gatehouse
- Crest Studios
- Crest Center
- M7 Event Solutions
- Classically-styled lamp posts and paved roads throughout community
- Underground Utilities
- City Water/Sewer
- Condominiums

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